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46 | Adapt, Adjust, Evolve

Feb 15, 2019

Today’s conversation was sparked by an incredible student of mine; a former Marine that now teaches yoga, and hopes to bring it to others who have served. I absolutely adore how positive he is, and the wisdom he brings to each conversation we have. In the military, he mentioned that they say, “adapt, adjust, evolve,” and I love that because it can be applied to just about anything.


I recommend that you start thinking today about different ways that you can adapt, adjust, and evolve as well. You can move forward, and that’s the beauty of evolution.


How do we adapt better movement patterns?


From a cellular level, we can apply stress to the bone, muscle, and tissue for the body to then adapt to that by increasing the stem cells production of more material for stronger muscular tendon connections. This does take time!


How do we get through the adjustment stage?


I hear a lot of people get frustrated when they aren’t seeing results as quickly as they had hoped within their practice. It’s important to remember here, and remind yourself where you came from. This keeps us hungry, humble, and enthusiastic for the next steps and stages.


Keep evolution in mind:


We are all works in progress. Keep this in mind with each stage of your practice. Continuously working towards new phases of evolution will keep that hunger for you to keep going.  



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