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45 | Don’t Be Your Diagnosis

Feb 13, 2019

In today’s episode we are discussing the importance around not being solely identified by your diagnosis. I grew up in the medical world, and am still a part of the medial world, and know that we get diagnoses all the time. Receiving a diagnosis is a big deal, but allowing that new information to recreate your identity is not something I recommend.


A treatment center I used to work at had the really great habit of keeping the patient as the patient, and the symptom as the symptom, and not calling the patient by the symptom they experienced or by the diagnosis they were given.


Why should you detach from the diagnosis?


This has been studied across the board that by separating your being from the diagnosis, it can be incredibly empowering. Instead of this identity, I suggest working on creating more awareness and compassion for ourselves in our mind, body, and spirit.



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