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39 | The Secret Sauce

Jan 28, 2019

Today’s episode is titled “The Secret Sauce” because I’ve noticed a pattern with most all of the people I work with, both in yoga students and in physical therapy; people want to know the key to optimizing performance. When I am working with anyone, no matter at what level, I am sure that I’m always using the secret sauce. Listen in to find out just what the secret sauce is, and how you can use it to achieve your optimal health and performance levels!


So what is the secret sauce?


For all types of movement, this secret sauce is knowing how to mobilize your hips well. It’s that simple! Mobility in the hip joint is hugely important, and how you move in the hip joint creates a cascading effect throughout the rest of your body.


Where is your hip joint?


It’s located right where your femur meets your pelvis. Though a lot of people interchange movement of the pelvis with movement of the hip, they are very different.


What does it mean to have your “glutes snoozing”?


This subject is difficult because there are conflicting conversations around whether or not your glutes can fully turn off. I do see it in my work though, and it’s not that people don’t have glute strength, it’s that the neural firing is no there. I believe this has a lot to do with the position of the pelvis, as well as the lifestyles we lead.


Here’s what I recommend:


Stand against a wall so that you feel aligned upright. The primary curves of your body (skull, skapula, sacrum) should all be on the wall. Come away from the wall, but maintain this alignment. Slide your hands down to your ankles, bending your knees, and now slide back up. Don’t move your chin up!



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