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36 | The Power of the Word Just

Jan 21, 2019

Today’s podcast is all about the word “just.” This word has many different meanings, but the meaning we are going to explore today is how we can utilize and reframe the context in how we use it. I think that we can all use the “just” as a positive motivator, and create more of a positive brain mapping when we do use the word.


How is “just” defined?


It can mean precisely or exactly, almost, or barely. Even as an adverb, we see 3 different definitions, yet we tend to focus on the “barely” as what we identify with the most.


How do we use it?


We have the tendency to use it as a mitigator, and not as an empowering word at all.

“I’m just a ____”

“I’m just not ____”

What’s the powerful form of “just”?


Rather than using it with a negative connotation, why not try to say as a way of staying in the moment of challenge? Meet that challenge. Just stay there a few more moments. Use “just” as a negotiator for the moment you’re in, and turn it into a positive feedback loop.



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