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355 | How to Get In Touch With Your Energy | with Mira DeMartino

Feb 15, 2021

How can we tap into our own energy and make the most of it?

Mira DeMartino is a goddess of energy; a sculpter, an artist, and a beautiful spirit in every way. Originally from Poland, Mira used to be a fashion designer and interior designer. She began to observe how the energy of the objects she created for her clients was changing them, and she realized that people can empower themselves through the objects that they surround themselves with.

Our energy flow starts with physical body movement, and moves on from there. Then there is the energy contained in the objects around us. And we have to recognize that energy management starts with the thoughts that we choose to think and feel.

If you’re looking to add some energy to your room, it is hard to give prescriptive advice, but Mira recommends that you start by observing yourself and understanding yourself. Find out what spaces you feel good in, or what styles you like, and once you recognize that, you can begin to incorporate that into every space that you spend time in.


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