Monthly Motivation

32 | Reframe Your Mindset

Jan 11, 2019

Your attitude really does determine your successes, or your failures. Over the past few decades, both as a physical therapist and as a yoga teacher, I’ve seen this first hand. If you approach a goal with the attitude of “I can” then, you will. The same goes for if you decide to take a negative approach, and this comes down to how persuadable our brains are as humans.


  1. Notice your thoughts, your words, your attitude.
  2. Flip the script to “This is good for me,” or, “I think I can.”


I challenge and encourage you to move someway today, and while you move, think of the thing you want to bring into your life. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but take that time to yourself to bring forth positive thoughts and words, and really reframe your mindset.



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