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315 | Going to Relationship School | with Ellen Boeder and Jayson Gaddis

Nov 13, 2020

Ellen Boeder and Jayson Gaddis are a married couple, both psychotherapists, and they practice LYT™ Daily! Jayson is the founder of The Relationship School, as well as the host of The Relationship School Podcast, and he has a lot to say about becoming a good partner.

Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist and coach for couples in Boulder, Colorado, who has been interested in how relationships actually work for as long as she can remember. Studying with innovative researchers and cutting edge practitioners in the field of psychology, relationships, and yoga for over 20 years has helped her integrate her approach to working with people in a sensitive, straightforward, deeply informed and embodied way. The most high-level training she does is usually at home with her husband and two young children, as she finds her way through the real, raw, and beautiful experience of being deeply intertwined with others. Ellen is also a faculty member for The Relationship School, a long time yoga practitioner, and writes a blog that incorporates her studies in psychology with her life experience as a mother, called Rearranged by Motherhood.

We talk about their relationship, Jayson’s development of a relationship school, and being trained as a trauma-informed yoga practitioner. We also dive into what happens when one person in a relationship starts changing, and the other person gets left behind.


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