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306 | Building Muscle While Eating as a Conscious Vegan | with Jordan David

Oct 23, 2020

Jordan David, otherwise known as @Conscious_Muscle on Instagram, is an online vegan trainer, super jacked, and a man with a heart of gold. He was always into fitness and personal training, and one of his clients went vegan and started talking about all the benefits of it. His first reaction was to laugh. She bet him that if he could give her a few paragraphs of why veganism doesn’t support her health, she’d give him $500 and quit being vegan. She knew exactly what she was doing.

After delving into everything he could find, Jordan came away with the realization that the way he was eating was not going to give him the life he wanted as he got old and his kids grew up. Then he was exposed to the ethical consequences of eating meat, and he immediately went vegan and never looked back.

We touch on the changes he noticed in both physical and spiritual realms, how he incorporated veganism into his body building brand, and how to supplement your diet.



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