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303 | Marketing Yoga Like a Rebel | with Ryan Orrico

Oct 16, 2020

Ryan Orrico is a former yoga teacher and he has a lot to say about his experience. He’s fascinating, entertaining, and a slightly polarizing figure in the yoga world.

Instagram tends to be so curated and professional, so it’s incredibly refreshing to see someone drop the filter and stop taking things so seriously. He wasn’t a big fan of the way most yoga teachers used Instagram—it felt very fake—but he also didn’t feel great about putting himself out there. Eventually, he started posting short, 60-second videos to help him get over his fear of being on camera. Quickly the videos became more interesting than the yoga he was teaching!

In one of his videos, he paused to give people a chance to drink some water, and a student said “we’re not allowed to drink water in ashtanga classes,” and this really annoyed him. He made some posts throwing rocks at the idea of this, and it got a lot of attention! People had such a strict perception of what a yoga teacher acted like and he started to break the mold.


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