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300 | Live Life with Less Pain | with Dr. Marc Robinson

Oct 9, 2020

Dr. Marc Robinson is a doctor of physical therapy with a couple of different projects: Active Atoms, a nutrition company that focuses on health and fitness, and Evercore, a physical therapy company that focuses on injury recovery.

Marc started to realize as he was working with patients that people’s sleep, nutrition level, and their stress level had a huge impact on their pain level. Nutrition plays such a vital role, particularly in inflammation. He became incredibly interested in the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, but he couldn’t find anything that gave a high enough dosage to make a difference. This led to him founding Active Atoms and his maximum strength turmeric formula.

Marc suggests a few movements that everyone should be doing:

  • For the neck, do neck retractions. We’re spending so much time at our desks, on our computers, that our necks aren’t getting a lot of variety of movement. Make sure to pull the neck back and tuck your chin in.
  • For people who sit too much, lay on your stomach and bend your back and arch it. We are sitting so much, we need to extend the spine and even it out.
  • Doing sit-to-stand squats every few hours is going to give you so many benefits. It’s one of the movements that can produce the most value.


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