Friday with Friends

291 | Market With Meaning | with Brendan Kane

Sep 18, 2020

Marketing genius Brendan Kane joins us today to help us get the message out into the world of how to move better in their bodies.

Marketing is all a matter of sharing how your company, product, or service can help someone. If you can explain what makes you uniquely brilliant in your offering, you will see results from your marketing efforts and get your message out there to more people.

For someone who’s practicing yoga and wants to get their message out there, here are three tips to enhance your marketing:

  • If you are local you are going to see much less competition, so take advantage of local advertising platforms such as local newspapers, Yelp, or Google search.
  • Understand the lifetime value of a typical customer and determine how much you are willing to spend to acquire that customer.
  • Be clear about how you differentiate yourself from other people competing in the same field.

Essential in any of this is having a strong reason for why you do what you do, because it’s hard work growing a business. The people who have an underlying foundation for why they are doing what they are doing are going to have the resilience to push through and keep doing what they are doing.


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