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280 | Finding the Curl of the Wave

Aug 24, 2020

The surfer’s motto is to always be in the curl of the wave—to find that curl and ride it. When you find that sweet spot, you can make your way safely and smoothly to shore. Isn’t that a great metaphor for life?

Now we’re in a period of time where it feels as though we’re thrashing against the waves. We’re not finding that energetic spot that will allow us to balance and ride the wave calmly. So when you’re learning how to surf, in a metaphorical sense, there are some tips you can apply in your lives to help:

  • Don’t stand up too fast. Feel the wave underneath you before you pop up. Listen intuitively to the things that will help you.
  • Don’t panic. Panic is reserved for times when you are in danger, and if you are constantly in a panicked state, your nervous system will not be able to register what is a real terror.
  • Do take your time to find that “sweet spot.” When you’re going through some transition, try to find that curl where there’s some ease to the movement.


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