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270 | Creating a Culture of Respect Around Intimacy | with Mike Domitrz

Jul 31, 2020

Content warning: sexual assault

Decades before sexual harassment cases were on the cover of every major media publication, Mike Domitrz was being brought in by leading educational institutions and the U.S. military to help them pursue a new standard of consent and respect. Mike has three books, an award-winning DVD, and he is one of the world’s leading influencers and thought leaders on the topic of respect.

When he heard that his sister had been sexually assaulted, he felt broken, like something was missing. He didn’t know what to do until he heard a speaker and realized, “I could do something about this.” People don’t want to be told what they can’t do, they want to be told what they can do. So he founded the Center for Respect to proactively build a culture of respect — sexually, intimately, in the workplace, and in the home.

We need to focus on all of the conditioning and behavior that we’ve been taught and unlearn what we can—while teaching a new generation the right way to respect each other.


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