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27 | The Anatomy of Energy

Dec 31, 2018

ENERGY. You hear me say this word a lot so today’s episode is dedicated to it. I use it often in my own practice and understanding, but it’s also used in so many other ways. Almost anywhere you look, the term “energy” is everywhere; people want more of it. Today, I’d like to explain more of the science part of energy, the terms and how it can be affected by our movement.

There are many forms of energy that are measured:

  • Electromagnetic
  • Thermal
  • Elastic
  • Kinetic
  • Piezoelectric
  • Sound
  • Vibrational
  • Light

Today we are going to dive deep into the science behind energy, using the types of energy above to add depth to our knowledge and how they apply to movement.

What are some ways that we can change the way we feel, based on the movement we choose?

We know that the information from our body travels on different frequencies, and that the information will affect our behaviour, we are essentially tuning forks. To find our clearest, strongest vibration, we need to move in multiple directions. Pay attention to how you’re moving.

If you feel low energy in your body, stand up and place your arms overhead. Tighten your core, and feel the floor beneath you. Stand here for a few minutes and think about the currents of energy. Imagine the weaving matrix, feel the connection throughout your body. Do you notice a dull feeling in a place? Tighten around this area.  


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