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267 | Movement Heals the Morose | with James Whiteside

Jul 24, 2020

James Whiteside, also known as JbDubs, is an American ballet dancer, choreographer, model, drag queen, and recording artist. He’s a former principal dancer with Boston Ballet and is currently a principal dancer with American Ballet Theater.

A big part of his career is performing on stage, so he’s had to pivot massively due to COVID-19. He’s been doing online ballet classes for charity recently to five to ten thousand kids, and it’s helped to keep him from being too morose.

As one of the leaders of the ballet world, he’s tasked himself with stepping up, making things happen, and trying to inspire others in his industry to be more inclusive. He’s also in the process of writing a book all about his ballet life, men he’s dated, and other life experiences. He’s such a fascinating, talented person, and he’s doing great things in the world!


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