Monthly Motivation

232 | Willingness

Apr 27, 2020

It can be hard to find motivation in the middle of a pandemic. When I’m struggling with motivation, I look for some type of inspiration around me. That inspiration, for me, was a quote about willingness: “In the willingness to feel, there is healing. In the choice not to closet, cast aside, or deny experience, energy is freed and I dive deeper into life. There may be maturity in choosing not to act, but there are no rewards for suppression and denial. To be fully alive is to say yes to the wide array of human feelings. When I soften, release, and breathe, I discover that I am more than what I think, feel, reason, or believe.”

This quote speaks to the willingness to feel, to be more open and committed, and to grow. Having willingness in our hearts and our actions, in this instance, may mean that we are determined not to shut down or bury our heads in the sand while also not giving in to despair. Take a moment to examine your day-to-day actions and identify the ones that aren’t serving you anymore, and have a willingness to make those changes.


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