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228 | Breath and the Pelvic Floor | with Ashley Newton

Apr 17, 2020

Friend of the show Ashley Newton returns! Last time she joined the show, we had a fantastic discussion about pelvic health. But we got so much positive feedback from that episode that she just had to come back for more! 

We also talk a lot about our breath. We often don’t think about the role breathing plays in our posture and movement, but it is part of your core. So, focusing on your breath can have a dramatic impact on your posture, your movement, and your joints.

When you talk about diaphragmatic breathing, you are looking at both the expansion of the abdomen forward and the backward expansion of the ribs and thoracic cage. Pay attention to how you are breathing in different postures, during functional tasks, and joint movement. You will need to work with a physical therapist to make sure these are all done properly.


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