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216 | Going Vegan | with Vince Gulino

Mar 20, 2020

Vince Gulino is the founder of Try Vegan, a fleet of food trucks with the goal of spreading the message of veganism. What started with the realization that he was lactose intolerant spread to a complete dietary overhaul, a food truck, a vegan clothing line, and a meal prep service.

People want vegan food now, but the barrier is that people don’t know how to get started. By offering a meal prep service, Try Vegan takes the guesswork out of getting started so people can get their feet wet and realize it’s not so hard to grasp.

In order to make his message even bigger, Vince has started the Try Vegan Challenge. He is working with businesses in the community in order to make trying vegan, working out, and being healthy fun and engaging. This is only the beginning of Try Vegan and telling the world about veganism.


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