Wednesday Q&A

212 | Wednesday Q&A

Mar 11, 2020

Today is Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and I answer them! Reach out via email or DM me on Instagram to have your questions read on the show.

Your questions:

  • Bare feet all the time, as much as possible, or orthotics for pronation? Happy medium?
  • Best tips for memorizing anatomy?
  • Your thoughts on diaphragmatic breathing, anterior pelvic tilt, and high tight hamstring?
  • Is airplane pose possible for people who are born with the feet turned out?
  • What is your take on foam rolling? Do you think it makes a difference in freeing up fascia?
  • Any suggestions on how to work with shoulder tendonitis?

Do you have a question?

  • DM me on Instagram: @lara.heimann
  • Email me at
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