Wednesday Q&A

206 | Wednesday Q&A

Feb 26, 2020

Today is Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and I answer them!

Your questions:

  • With the cue, “don’t flare your ribs,” what about when people have a huge ribcage?
  • What does malasana with heels on the ground mean?
  • When lifting one arm up from sideways, the opposite of a trapezius is painful. Why is that?
  • What’s the best position to sleep in, especially for those of us who suffer from anterior pelvic tilt and wake up with a sore, stiff lower back in the morning?
  • What are your thoughts on weightlifting versus weight-bearing?
  • If I go for a figure-four pose because my left knee hurts, should I do the same on the other side, or is pigeon okay?

Do you have a question?

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