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198 | Friday With Friends | with John Frank

Feb 7, 2020

Today we have my brother, John Frank, on the show to answer your questions. He is one of our most popular guests, and a movement genius in his own right, so this should be a fun one!

What do you think about the trend of turning the femur into a valgus position and practicing a squat? This is a really bad idea. There is some rotation to the knee joint, but when you bend the knee, the lower part should rotate inwards more than the femur. If the thigh bone rotates inward too quickly, you’re in trouble!

Anything on snapping scapula syndrome? There’s a lot that can go wrong as far as the scapula, because it is another joint, like the knee, that’s not so simple. Work on finding a neutral position in the scapula and your posture first, and then work on the movement of the scapula with that neutral position.

When in a wide-legged downward dog, why do knees drop? There’s a couple possible reasons. One could be ankle flexibility. It could also be that they are using their tensor-fascia lata. But there are so many possible reasons.

Favorite injury or surgery to work with or treat? John likes shoulders in general. He likes to figure out why people have pain or restrictive movement.

What do you think could cause hand numbness, especially in the morning? It’s hard to say without more information, but it could be a thoracic outlet. The nerve bundle can get compressed and it could cause that.

Can shoulder pain come from the bicep? It can, and it happens a lot. The bicep is an important stabilizer of the shoulder.

Thoughts on running with compression socks?  It doesn’t hurt and there might be a little benefit, but it’s not entirely proven. If there is an effect, it’s very small, but if you like it do it.

What is the best movement variety for longevity? Variety is important, but there are basic principles. Keep your lower back in a neutral position, and use your hips to turn instead of your back. Learn the basics.


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