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183 | Two PTs and a podcast | with Kristin Williams

Jan 3, 2020

Today my friend and fellow physical therapist and yogi Kristin Williams returns to the conference. Kristin actually got into yoga because she had so many PT patients coming in injured from yoga and decided that she needed to learn more about it. She has an amazing therapeutic series on the LYT daily so make sure to check that out. 

We talk about takeaways from a PT conference we just went to, how to work out what might be causing you pain when you run and how you could be suffering from weak scapulae, even if you work out a lot.

Plus, Kristin answers your PT questions including:

  • What would be the cardinal sign of a glute medius tendinopathy or tendinosis? 
  • Is going from warrior three III or airplane pose to half moon bad for your hips? 
  • Does the sacroiliac (SI) joint really move all that much in asymmetrical poses?
  • What is the optimal position for feet in yoga – parallel or diagonal?
  • What movements do you see from bodies on the street that make you cringe?


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