Wednesday Q&A

176 | Wednesday Q&A

Dec 18, 2019

Today I’m back to answer your questions on Wednesday Q&A. Keep them coming – I love taking this time to find out what you’re thinking and doing what I can to help you! Plus one of the questions in this week’s Q&A actually gave me the idea for a class, so look out for that on my LYT™ Daily.

Your questions:

  • How do you treat and modify to avoid yoga butt? 
  • What kind of skin products do you use? 
  • I noticed that you don’t do pranayama in your classes but I feel like my breath is bigger than it ever has been. How do you explain that? 
  • How do you keep that euphoric post-teaching feeling and not experience an adrenaline dump?
  • Do you teach arm balances like crow pose or eight-angle pose?

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