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169 | Monday Motivation: Get Over the Overachiever Syndrome

Dec 2, 2019

We’re not on the planet for very long. We want to make an impact. But our impact is not necessarily a long list of achievements or rising up the ranks. Maybe it’s more about pausing and reflecting on what we’re doing. Does it truly matter to us? Are we really connecting with people? Are we being driven by hope and lighting a fire that makes us feel good, satisfied and fulfilled?

If you secretly think you’re not good enough despite all your accomplishments, you might be an overachiever. Overachievers struggle to feel satisfied because their drive to achieve is often based on fear. There’s probably a little overachiever in all of this but in this episode I break down how to know when you’ve crossed the line.

I also cover four things you can do to show yourself some grace. This episode is a must-listen for high-achievers who want to be more tender and thoughtful about their self-care. If you know anybody that is suffering from overachievement, please share the podcast with them but also always reach out for professional help if needed.



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