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166 | Monday’s Motivational Words Of The Week

Nov 25, 2019

Plank pose is amazing! It’s actually a developmental stage like crawling. A lot of babies will pop their knees up and they’re in a plank, and you’re like, holy moly, look at that strong, little baby!  It’s a great workout for your core and also strengthens your wrist and hands, triceps and spinal muscles. Not to mention lengthening the neck and toning the buttocks. So we should be doing plank all the time. 

I get asked a lot of questions about plank, so in this episode I talk you through how to optimize the pose so you get the most out of it. I address when to lower to your knees, what you should focus on with your shoulder blades and what to do if you are sagging or overly rounding in your upper back.

Also I invite you to send me a picture of your plank!



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