Wednesday Q&A

164 | Wednesday Q&A

Nov 20, 2019

Today I’m back with Wednesday Q&A. There’s nothing you can’t ask me. I like to bring the questions on without looking at them then answer as I go so you get a very authentic response. Keep sending your questions in – it’s such an honor to receive them and learn what you’re thinking about. 


Your questions:


  • In dolphin pose I have to interlace my fingers and can’t get my forearms parallel flat. How can I work on this?
  • How can yoga teachers park their bad day at the door and be present with their students?
  • How can you make money as a yoga teacher, and should you teach for free?
  • How do the movements we do in yoga transfer to running?
  • How should you deal with an arthritis diagnosis that says you’ll never regain full movement?


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