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160 | Monday’s Motivational Words of the Week – What time of day should I exercise? | with Lara Heimann

Nov 11, 2019

Today I’m answering the question, what time of day should I exercise? People often ask me whether it’s better to exercise in the morning or evening.

The advantages of working out in the morning are:

  • You get it done
  • You set your day up for better organization, energy and possibly more success (high-performers tend to exercise in the morning)
  • You jumpstart your morning with better blood flow, joint lubrication and increased energy
  • You get the satisfaction of accomplishing something early in your day
  • You may lose or maintain your weight (research shows people who exercise early eat less during the day) 


The advantages of working out in the evening are:

  • You don’t risk losing sleep because you don’t have to get up early to exercise
  • Because you’re more in sync with your biorhythms you might perform better
  • Improved performance may help you exercise longer
  • Evening exercise tends to help people go to sleep faster and sleep more soundly


Because there are advantages and disadvantages to working out at both ends of the day, I recommend picking the time of day or night that works best for you. Sticking with that time so that it becomes a habit is the most important ingredient for success. And if it feels overwhelming to get started, try exercising in 15-minute chunks and doing that several times a day or building up to longer periods. You deserve to spend time in movement, and doing regular exercise will help you be more effective and efficient in other areas of your life.



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