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156 | 50 life lessons by 50

Nov 1, 2019

Yesterday I turned 50. I’ve never paid too much attention to numbers and birthdays, but a half-century is a pretty big deal. We all have something to offer for our years on earth so I thought it’d be interesting to tell you my 50 favorite life lessons. Some of these are things I wished I’d learned way earlier in life so you might be able to avoid some of my mistakes!

On my list are health and movement (of course!) tips, but I’m also including things like write handwritten letters, love people who are difficult to love because they are the ones that need it most, and know that love is boundless.

I would love so much for you to share this episode with some friends and maybe come up with your own list of life lessons. Share what’s in your heart and send them to me at I’m sending you lots of hugs, and I’m pulling for you each and every day.



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