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154 | Shedding layers of yourself

Oct 28, 2019

We are a month into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the northeast of the U.S., the leaves are changing colors and falling. It’s a time of beauty, transition and renewal. The bareness of the trees is this kind of clearing for the next phase of seasons or change. This can be metaphorical for the shedding of our layers, getting rid of feelings or ways of being that do not serve us and getting back to our essence – a state of being where our mind, body and heart are whole.


I’ve come up with an acronym to help us do that – SHED.


S stands for shift, sleep and stillness.

What do you need to shift to shed things that don’t serve you? How can you prepare? Embrace the small shifts that are a step in the right direction. Even just shifting your perspective can be so valuable.

Sleep is so important. It’s where we heal and where our immune system has a chance to be recharged.  

Stillness is also important. Take time to be quiet, to be away from technology and be by yourself. As much as I talk about movement, ultimately we move so that we can find the power of stillness.


H stands for hugs. Human touch is so healing, even hugging trees is healing. Find your person to hug regularly. 


E is for exercise. Exercise regularly, every day if you can, because it burns stress hormones and literally helps us shed.


D stands for deepen connections. Research continues to prove that having people who nurture us is good for our health. It can change us all the way down to our DNA. Great relationships are good for shedding pain and ensuring that we don’t stay trapped in limiting perspectives.  

Our job is to continually shed things which don’t serve us, even if they may have worked for us in the past. Hugs from me to you. Let’s work on this together. 



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