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151 | Should we be looking back or forward?

Oct 21, 2019

Today’s podcast is called, should we be looking back or forward? Sometimes I talk to people and, whether they’re talking about movement or pain or stress, there’s a lot of energy that is being held in the past. And it’s almost like they’ve been tethered to situations in the past and are really dragged down by them.


We have to uncover what it is that we’re looking back at and how it might be weighing us down. Even happy memories might weigh us down because we might be stuck comparing our present lives to the “glory days”. 


We need to accept all the stages in our life and be able to look forward to meet our goals and visions for our life. People who are successful at overcoming adversity don’t deny pain and trauma in their past or idealize past success, but use those moments as opportunities for growth. 


Look forward to what else you can do for yourself and for others. And look back on the lessons you’ve learnt. But stay connected and grounded in the present because that’s what we have control over. 


Movement is a powerful tool for staying in the present because, although our minds often stray into the past and the future, our bodies remain in the now. So if you find yourself stuck in the past or the future, bring yourself into your body and move. 



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