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149 | Be your own advocate for your health

Oct 16, 2019

We’re so lucky to have modern medicine, but we also need to be advocates for our own health and remember that one person’s point of view, even if they’re a doctor, may not always be right for us. 


I’m a triplet. My brothers were both diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in their 20s. This means that their thyroid is underactive. They were put on a synthetic thyroid medicine called Synthroid. Because of this and other thyroid disorders in my family, my doctor decided to check my thyroid every year when I went in for my annual check-up. 


I started experiencing a couple of minor symptoms and one year my thyroid numbers came back low, meaning hyperactivity in my thyroid. My doctor sent me to a specialist, who recommended two treatment options. Option one was to be on antithyroid medication for a year, with a risk of damaging my liver. Option two was to take radioactive iodine, which essentially kills your thyroid. And then you take a synthetic thyroid medication for the rest of your life. You can’t be around kids for a weekend because you’re radioactive!


Because my symptoms were very minor, I had the luxury of researching other options. I found that bugleweed plant can normalize thyroid function for those who have hyperthyroid. I purchased a tincture from Herbalist & Alchemist and, when I had my blood retested the next month, my numbers were much better. I took some more of the bugleweed and had some acupuncture and, when I went back for tests again, my thyroid levels were normal. 


My doctor proclaimed me to be one of the 2% of people that heal for no apparent reason. He wasn’t willing to listen to what I did.


I discussed it with some doctor friends and they said people generally want the quick fix and are not willing to try alternative treatments that take longer and require more follow-through from them. 


So my point is, let’s advocate for ourselves. I’m not recommending that you don’t see your doctor or that you reject modern medicine. But investigate and be a critical thinker. You are ultimately the best advocate for yourself.



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