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148 | Power To Do Good

Oct 14, 2019

Today’s podcast is all about the power to do good. What often comes to mind when we think about power is the alpha male standing tall, having lots of money and having lots of ability to make an impact. But powerful leaders can operate by creating fear or by commanding respect. I think of power as the ability to do good things for others and invite us all to reframe power and check that we are assigning power to people who deserve respect. 


I’ve made an acronym from the word POWER to talk about using it to do good.


P is for protection. Protect those who need it like children, animals, the disenfranchised and the oppressed. For non-human animals, I am very committed to veganism, which is about making choices that cause the least amount of harm. 


O is for open the path for others. Truly powerful people are not about holding and gripping onto power. Instead they open the path for others to walk on and to be successful. What are ways that you can open the path for others who may be less fortunate, or younger, or otherwise in need of opportunities?


W is for walk your talk and your values. When you are given power, then one of your duties is to put your values into action because you have such influence. 


E is for extend your power to others. Distribute energy, power, material and spiritual goods because there’s always more to give. Uplift others so they feel more powerful.


R is for resonate and ripple. Let power vibrate you higher and then ripple it out. Use it for good, not to accumulate more power and wealth or oppress others.


We need more leaders who have a sense of purpose in wanting to help others. Your mission has to be about something more than you. You will feel more empowered, more purposeful and more engaged and enthusiastic about life if you are there to help and serve others. So let’s power up, my friends. I’m pulling for you, as always. Lots of hugs.



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