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146 | Create your own happiness | with Greg Berzinski

Oct 9, 2019

Greg Berzinski is a full-time producer and cameraman for Movement By Lara. He also manages my podcast and updates my website and people love seeing him on my Instagram. 


Before joining my dream team Greg was working in pharmaceutical advertising as a project coordinator/manager. He was driving at least an hour and a half each way to work, he wasn’t feeling inspired and he didn’t get to do much camera and production work.


Now he says he gets to do what he loves and is inspired every day. On the physical side, he’s learnt better body mechanics. He can lift more, has zero pain and stiffness in his back and has also developed a booty!


Listen to this conversation to hear all about why it’s so important to find something you love and make it happen. Plus hear Greg explain how he creates videos and live broadcasts for Movement By Lara.



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