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139 | Change of seasons

Sep 23, 2019

Transitioning between seasons can be challenging. In the Northern Hemisphere we’re currently transitioning from summer to fall, and that can be really hard, especially for people who don’t like the cold. In this episode I cover some ways to make weathering the change in seasons easier.


Visualizing the new season can help. Coming into fall, we can tap into fond memories and look forward to the leaves changing colors, pumpkins, Halloween and the feeling of Christmas in the air. But there’s also a liveliness and newness because fall is when the school year starts, so it’s like a new start. 


Be grateful and enjoy the last moments of the current season then think about some of the things you like about the coming season. For example, how beautiful the trees look in winter when their branches are bare. 


We’re somewhat detached a little from the seasons because most of us don’t grow our own food and we can keep our thermostat at the same temperature year round. So get out into nature and find the beauty in each season. Take a 15 minute walk or a two hour walk, however long you can afford, and that will really help you adjust to the change in seasons. 



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