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138 | Creating vitality

Sep 20, 2019

Today’s podcast is about creating more vitality in your life. I’ve come up with six words beginning with S to make my top tips for vitality easy to remember: sweat, shower, stillness, silly, sustenance and sleep.


  • Sweat
    Sweating every day will improve your vitality. Sweat is a way of cooling us down so when we sweat, that means we have heated our body enough and we’ve worked hard enough. If you can break a sweat in the morning, the rest of your day is going to be so much more productive. And if you can’t do it in the morning, do it when you can. 



  • Shower


After you sweat, take a shower. Showering is metaphorically and literally cleansing and purifying. To get even more vitality, try a cold shower if you’re up for it. 


  • Stillness
    Find some stillness in your day and practice meditation or silent contemplation to stop the busyness of your mind. It can be for just a few minutes if that’s all you have or for a longer period of time, like an hour. Meditation has so many benefits including reducing anxiety, improving your sleep, improving your digestion and improving how your neurotransmitters work.


  • Silly
    Be silly. Do playful activities like rolling or crawling around on the grass, going on the monkey bars or skipping. Your brain loves doing different things and it’s also great for your movement patterns.



  • Sustenance


Consume food and drinks that really sustain you like water, wholefoods and plant-based foods.



  • Sleep


Sleep is so important. It is where we heal, where our immune system functions and where our brain recovers from the busyness of our day. Get good quality sleep by sleeping in a cool room with window shades and don’t have electronics in the room or the TV on. I have an Oura Ring which tracks things like how many steps I take a day, my heart rate and the duration and quality of my sleep. 



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