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137 | How to build a new HABIT

Sep 18, 2019

Today’s podcast is about how to create a new habit. Habits are an action we have done so many times that it becomes unconscious. We don’t even realize we’re doing it. It could be a good or a bad habit, but the thing about habits is that they never truly go away. So creating new habits is really about creating better habits rather than entirely getting rid of the old ones. 


To make them easy to remember, I’ve made an acronym out of the word HABIT.


H stands for hook onto an already existing habit. For example, I’m working on creating a habit to take supplements every day so I’m putting the pill container near my coffee press so I remember my supplements when I refill my coffee.


A stands for attach a reminder to it. This could be a sticky note or a phone reminder.


B stands for build slowly. We get frustrated when a habit doesn’t stick right away, but it takes time. Charles Duhigg has done a lot of work on habit formation. And he says, if you want to try running, don’t just start running. Start by putting your shoes by the door for a week first.


I stands for include others. Tell someone or a few people what you’re working on so that you have a sense of accountability. Even better if you can get someone involved with you. But even just saying it out loud to someone helps implant the habit in your brain and also you’ll have another person who knows about your habit and can remind you.


T stands for train as if it’s for life. Every single habit creates your life and your future, so train as if it really matters.


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