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099 | Lara talks to special guest: her 14-year-old son Jonah | with Jonah Heimann

Jun 19, 2019

In this episode, I chat with my fourteen-year-old son Jonah about his hiking experiences, what he gets out of the treks and what he sees as the challenges. His answers, particularly on how he overcomes the challenges, are both interesting and educational.


Jonah explains how hiking gives him a break from the classroom and electronics and a chance to spend quality time with the family. He talks eloquently of the challenges of a long hike, particularly if there’s inclement weather. As Jonah says, the walking isn’t the tough part but add in wind and rain and it becomes interesting!


As I say, sometimes this mental and physical struggle, is a metaphor for life. We need to struggle sometimes. As Jonah says, his experience, not just in hiking but also in situations like playing basketball is to tell himself that he can do it, to change his mental perception.]


As I say to him, our lesson to him is to never let yourself get down. Jonah talks about the importance of this lesson and how, as a young man, he understands that pushing through barriers is hard but necessary. Jonah’s point about helping to raise money and awareness for charities is one that resonates.



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