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093 | Packing Light

Jun 5, 2019

Today’s podcast is titled “Packing Light,” which could be interpreted literally, as I am currently packing for a two week trip with my family. This could also be taken metaphorically, such as the heaviness of our thoughts and what is on our minds. In this instance, the metaphorical can help the literal interpretation. In today’s episode I’m going to be talking about the different ways that I pack light, and hope to inspire you to pick up one or two of them yourself!


Think of the things that you can control in your own life. Being aware and practicing non attachment, generosity, and examining the ways in which you behave are all ways to control the ways you show up in your life.


Can you challenge yourself to get a smaller bag and pack less? Make your list, and the big challenge here is to stick to the list you make!



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