Monthly Motivation

091 | Showing Up

May 31, 2019

Showing up is a constant thread for me, and lately the idea of truly showing up has come into play in a lot of ways in my life. Showing up is a movement, an action, and an intention that we shouldn’t take lightly. Today’s podcast episode is a calling for us all to show up in bigger ways.


I am especially enthusiastic, and I say yes to a lot of things, but I’ve found that as that event came closer, I would be exhausted by the idea of carrying through with it. If you begin to develop a “hell yes” attitude, it will help you realize just what you do want to show up for, and what you’ll say yes to doing.


How are you showing up in your life? Are you afraid of what people are thinking about you? Who are you showing up for? What are you showing up for? When are you going to show up?



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