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087 | Yoga Talk | with Adell Bridges

May 22, 2019

Today I am sitting down with Adell Bridges, an amazing world traveling yoga teacher and health coach. It is Adell’s passion to share just how powerful and healing yoga can be for everyone! In our conversation today, Adell shares her journey into yoga and what it’s taught her, and how her teachings have led her to start her brand new yoga program. The two of us also dive into the importance of grasping life everyday because life is short, and what that looks like for us– plus much more!


What got you into yoga?


I actually started trying classes but I kept not enjoying them. I now know that I just wasn’t finding a teacher I liked. I finally found my niche after using Instagram to follow yogis that made yoga look cool, needing a movement practice, and being able to practice from the comfort of my home.


How would you describe the way you practice and teach now?


I do a lot of vinyasas, and I love the space for creativity and fluidity.


What were the steps you took to help your lower back?


When in backbends I started being able to pay more attention to my back, and I realized backbends were what caused the pain. While researching, I began to learn more about my spine and had realizations of what I was doing differently in my folding, and what I could change in order to avoid the pain.


We also discuss the incredible platform that dell has co-created with another yogi, all for hypermobile yogis and how to safely practice movement. They have designed courses, a mailing list, and have an informative Instagram account so far, and are planning for even more to be added to the hypermobile yogi toolbox!


How do you find new ways to do your transitions?


This is something people ask a lot because I do have a method in which I design my transitions. I’m excited to be able to create a platform soon where I will offer this as a course structure to help others in their transitions.



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