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085 | Sharing Information: Be More Generous

May 17, 2019

Today’s podcast is about sharing information! A friend of mine recently wrote a post about feeling unwelcome in the yoga community upon completing her yoga teacher training, and it really made me think about the why behind withholding information from one another. Today we’re going to explore this idea, and how we can overcome it to move forward and help others out along the way.


I believe our own insecurities bubble up, and instead of sharing, we allow fear to take the lead and we shut down. This happens in every field!


Have you ever felt that you withheld information because it gave you a sense of power?

Have you held back on giving feedback?


Don’t be stingy with your time, your knowledge, with your patience, or with your affirmations. Also, learning how to receive these in return will create a feedback loop.



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