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079 | Mindfulness and Eating

May 3, 2019

Today I am talking about mindful eating in the sense of what mindful actually means, which is to bring awareness toward something. As a yoga teacher and lover of movement, plus a background in physical therapy, I do receive a lot of questions regarding nutrition and eating. Though I am not a nutritionist, I do love studying it and talking about it, and that’s just what I’ll be sharing today!


What do I consider a daily food essential?


Water is an absolute essential for me, as it has such an impact on how I feel and what I eat. The food essential of mine is that I have are greens every single day! These make me feel good and energized each day.


What are my opinions about an anti-inflammatory diet?


The gut biome is super important, and it’s important to get your gut biome figured out, that way you don’t have to depend on any specific types of diets. Certain types of foods, such as acidic foods, are going to be inflaming to your body as well. In my opinion, consuming whole foods is the best way to eat and maintain a healthy gut.


Why do you do intermittent fasting?


With intermittent fasting, you are giving your entire digestive system support by giving it a rest, which in turn helps it restore and heal other systems within the body. I’ve been doing this for a while by tuning into when I was actually feeling hungry, and really listening to that.


Mindfulness is about noticing what you’re eating, it’s not about being perfect. Be mindful by watching and observing your instincts towards how you eat and when you eat, and if something triggers you, ask yourself why you are eating it. What is the emotion fueling the need for that food?



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