Wednesday Q&A

078 | Wednesday Q&A: Core & Hips After Childbirth & Weight Training

May 1, 2019

I get a lot of questions from listeners, yoga teachers, and followers I have on social media quite often, so I wanted to take today to answer a few of them. My hope is that in answering these on my podcast, will help someone else as well!


Do ever have any weekend trainings for yoga teachers looking to learn from you?


Yes! I haven’t had one in a while because of the time I’ve been putting into my online platform, which is also a 200 hour training. The next training I’ll have in person will be in September, so be sure to check that out!


How do you get your core and hips back after childbirth?


After giving birth, a lot of things have changed in the connective tissue. The first step to getting everything pulled back in would be pelvic floor exercises, and then make your way to working on the abdominals. It’s important to stay patient because this will take time! Trying out bridges will help both the glutes and the abdominal muscles.


What do you think about weight training to get stronger in yoga?


If it’s done with a functionality to it, I think it’s great! Incorporating a kettlebell, or even sandbags to a workout can be extremely rewarding.


How do you begin in yoga movement study?


Study with someone inspiring, find a practice that inspires you, and continue to get more education around it. Practice, become highly skilled, and truly dive into it.


Any recommendations on how to strengthen ‘office worker wrists’?


Extending and stretching out your wrist is important, and weight-bearing on the wrist. There’s truly no better way. Work through a flow where you are incorporating more planks– this will help you stretch out and open up the wrist.



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