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077 | How to Stay Sane When You’re Injured

Apr 29, 2019

Today’s solo episode is short and sweet! I’m offering a few tips on how to maintain sanity while you’re out of movement commission due to an injury. I get this question a lot, whether the injury is through overuse or an accident. When a routine includes movement, but something happens that restricts that, it can be a really difficult time. It is my hope that today’s episode provides you help on navigating this pause in movement for you!


This all really does depend on the way in which your injury occurred. If the injury happened through overuse, then you need to ensure when you go back to your movement patterns, you don’t do the same thing again.


What does resting look like?


Firstly, continue to move in the ways that you can that won’t bother the area you are resting. Changing your scenery will help tremendously with your headspace, and with pain management. If you are extremely restricted, try to place your focus on something else. Think about a project you may have in the back corners of your mind, and use this as an opportunity to start working on it.



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