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068 | Raise Your Hand With Ease

Apr 8, 2019

Today’s podcast is all about lifting your arms pain free and easily, which may sound simple, but this isn’t necessarily the case. We were born to be able to lift our arms up and above us, as well as around in a complete circle, but a lot of people struggle with this movement. In today’s conversation, I’m sharing how to get your arms to be able to complete this movement, and why it’s so important.


The movements that occur in the shoulder alone are extremely complex, making the act of reaching the arm up towards the ceiling complex in its own right. For those who don’t have the best posture, or don’t keep the shoulder and surrounding shoulder specific muscles engaged, they could have a difficult time reaching their arms up and above themselves.


To reach our arms up, we need to:

  • Work on our posture
  • Stand taller
  • Allow mobility in the scapula
  • Stability in the scapula


What is required to bring your arm up overhead?


Better posture. To go from your arm at 90 degrees, to your arm in line with your ear, this requires movement at the scapula. It’s in the area from the last 90 – 180 degrees that something can be compressed, even without you knowing. This is more widely known as rotator cuff syndrome.


How do we remedy this?


At 90 degrees, reach your arm straight out in front of you with your thumb turned up; now reach forward more, elongating your arm– reach from your scapula, and now reach up overhead.



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