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The Modern Evolution of Yoga

We are redefining yoga through better education and innovation

Movement by Lara is a community of yoga instructors and practitioners dedicated to redefining yoga with the LYT™ Method, the only approach to yoga that is grounded in the principles of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental treatment. The LYT™ Method is intended to unify the traditional teachings of yoga with a more modern understanding of the human body by emphasizing intelligent sequencing and proper body alignment, while re-educating compensatory movement strategies that place unnecessary strain on the body.

The LYT™ method was developed by Lara Heimann, a world-renowned yoga instructor and certified physical therapist, who has spent the last 25 years refining her practice by merging her yogic and therapeutic backgrounds. Lara’s mission is to create a more compassionate world that values all beings, which is why we she is creating a foundation in partnership with Movement by Lara to support vegan causes close to heart.


How to Experience the Movement

  • Online LYT™ Programs

    Integrate smarter movement into your daily life by joining the LYT™ Daily online subscription program, featuring a different yoga class with Lara every day.
  • Certification Program

    Spread the Movement throughout your community by becoming a LYT™-certified instructor. Movement by Lara offers both online and in-person courses so that you can learn to teach the LYT™ method with confidence.
  • Podcasts

    Get to know Lara on a more personal level as she answers your questions and discusses topics that have been central to shaping her life and her practice.

The LYT™ Method

smarter and safer yoga

The LYT™ method is grounded in the principles of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental treatment to help you find freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns.
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Committed to a more mindful future

We want to change the world of yoga through compassion and mindfulness. Our growing network of affiliated studios and certified yoga teachers, trained by Lara to teach her LYT™ Method, are committed to smarter movement on our mats and more mindful moments in our lives.
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