The LYT Method

A smarter, safer, and more efficient approach to yoga

A Sophisticated Method Made Simple

The LYT™ Method is the only style of yoga grounded in the functional teachings of physical therapy and the principals of neurodevelopmental sequencing and anatomy. It is a sophisticated method that champions strength and freedom for every body.

Proven Methodology Based On 3 Principles

A Multifaceted Approach To Teaching Yoga

Phase 1: LYT™ Reset

The Reset

Phase 2: LYT™ Renew


Phase 3: LYT™ Redefine


The LYT™ Yoga Story

The LYT™ Method

So many people are walking around disconnected from their own bodies and how much they are capable of. The body is made to move, and it is made to bring us freedom, a freedom that helps us challenge ourselves, push OUR limits, and achieve unthinkable things. The LYT™ Yoga Method, created by licensed physical therapist and celebrated yoga teacher Lara Heimann, champions strength, balance, and resilience for every body, while examining the mind-body connection through targeted movement sequences. From Olympians, to weekend warriors, to novices who simply want to feel better, LYT™ Yoga is about getting stronger, more resilient, and more balanced so that any body can be the best version of themselves both on and off the mat. Developed as a codified and targeted movement experience that yields a smarter and safer approach to the yogic philosophy, each class has a specific blueprint that follows developmental patterns. Classes graduate to more advanced movement patterns for a more impactful, more informed and more meaningful practice. Celebrated worldwide in over 50 countries, thousands of students practice LYT™ daily to feel more confident, more powerful and more alive. Stand taller. Move better. Be all in.
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Join the LYT yoga family and learn the only yoga method created by a certified physical therapist. Whether you plan to teach or just want to deepen your practice, this training will change your life.